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WELLNESS: The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal

Balance Training & Fall Prevention

Are you or someone you love having challenges with strength, balance, movement and/or coordination?  Experiencing anxiety related to fear of falling?  You are not alone and there is help.  Staying active as we age is a crucial part of maintaining health so becoming inactive due to fear of falling can't become an option.

Fear of falling is real and for good reason; FALLS are the primary cause of injury, hospital visits and death in seniors and it is estimated that one third of adults age 65+ fall each year. Being admitted to a hospital may increase weakness and discoordination.

The good news is that research has shown that many falls can be prevented.  For those falls that do occur, the better shape you are in, the better chance you have for a successful, speedy and less costly recovery.

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With Medicare and other insurance plans constantly reducing coverage and limiting the amount of care a patient can receive, prevention is key.  We see far too many people each year who experienced what they thought was a minor fall, only to incur massive expenses and hardship on them and their entire family.  


As part of our wellness initiative, we proactively work with patients to improve balance, increase strength and endurance, improve flexibility and gain a greater range of motion.  Our balance training and fall prevention program gives you back independence and reduces the likelihood that you and your family will have to deal with the complications and hassle caused by falls. We sometimes use music and dance that are proven to be very powerful tools in the prevention of falls or recovery. It is also SO MUCH FUN!

One Stop Physical Therapy is committed to helping you stay active and healthy.  We offer a free initial consultation to confidentially discuss your situation and evaluate your specific needs.  We will provide you with a treatment plan that addresses your limitations and alleviates your fears.  Let us put together a plan to help you stay on track and get back to enjoying your life without fear of falling.  Call today!

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