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Who We Are

One Stop Physical Therapy & Wellness is one of the few mobile therapy services in Georgia.  Our therapists travel to our patients so that our patients don't have to arrange transportation to and from appointments and so that they feel comfortable in familiar surroundings during their sessions.

We work with individuals who live in private residences, as well as those who live in senior living facilities.  Group sessions are available for aging adult communities and we also speak at various meetings in the community on health and wellness subjects.

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The owner and founder of One Stop, Walter Kalenik, holds a Master's degree in physical therapy and has been treating patients for over 26 years.  During Walter's career, he developed a passion for working with seniors and has become a trusted partner to many senior living facilities around northeast Georgia.  

Walter's lovely wife of 33 years, Irena, who also happens to be his business partner is a registered nurse who has worked with seniors for many years and recognized the importance of high quality supplements in aging adults.  When their two sons were younger, Irena began researching various supplements and technologies both to keep her family healthy and to help her patients. 

She has since partnered with The Super Patch Company and  Ortho Molecular Products to offer high quality options to friends, neighbors and patients looking to improve their overall health and well-being.


Irena is a competitive ballroom dancer and she and Walter enjoy dancing as often as possible.  Their love of dancing led Walter to incorporate dance and music into his therapy sessions which has become a huge hit with patients.

Walter and Irena have two amazing sons, Jonathan (27) and Nicholas (22).  Both boys graduated from the University of Georgia....Jonathan, following his parents' path in healthcare, is completing his residency to become a Sports & Family Medicine doctor.  Not to be outdone, Nicholas decided to double major in business and recently started his career with JP Morgan in Atlanta.

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