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Mobile In-Home Physical Therapy & Wellness Services

Don't let fear of falls and injuries keep you from living the life you love! 

One Stop Physical Therapy and Wellness is a mobile Physical Therapy and Concierge service offering in-home Physical Therapy, Wellness and Health Coaching Services in the South Hall and North Gwinnett county areas. We are transforming Lives One Person at a Time!
Getting the care you need can be easy and convenient so that you feel better faster and from the comfort and privacy of your own home or your current location because we come to you!





Why Choose One-Stop Physical Therapy

  • A Dedicated Therapist: 

    • See the same therapist each visit

  • Full Hour-Long Sessions: 

    • Quality one-on-one time with your therapist

  • No Transportation Needed: 

    • Don't hassle with finding a driver or arranging for transportation to a facility, we come to you

  • Avoid Exposure to Illness: 

    • No need to sit in a room full of other patients or be in public areas where you could be exposed to illnesses

  • A Personalized Treatment Plan To Meet Your Goals

  • Evaluation of Your Home Needs: 

    • We'll address real concerns that you face in your home environment and discuss options for installing safety equipment at your location

    • We help to transform lives, improve balance, strength and mobility often with music and dance at your own location

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We welcome our patients feedback and would love to hear about your experience with One Stop Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC!  

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