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Caring For Aging Parents Can Be Challenging

They were always there when you needed them and now you want to be there for them.

It's difficult to watch our parents getting older and caring for aging adults comes with unique challenges. One of the most overlooked needs of seniors is maintaining physical activity.

Whether they're still living independently, living with you or are in a senior living facility, keeping them active will improve overall health and slow mental decline.



One Stop Physical Therapy and Wellness offers a unique Mobility Therapy program that is designed especially for seniors.

We utilize music, dance and interactive games to engage seniors and increase their activity level to improve their quality of life.

INACTIVITY is one of the major culprits in physical and cognitive decline of aging adults.  Studies have shown that even a minimal increase in the level of daily activity can improve balance, coordination, strength, as well as cognitive and memory function.

Our therapists are trained to use gentle, fun and effective ways to get our older patients up and moving.  The goal is to increase activity, improve range of motion, balance, endurance, strength and coordination.

According to the National Institute of Health, music can evoke strong emotions and stimulate areas of the brain that are beginning to decline.  Alzheimer's patients who participated in an activity that included music showed faster processing in the brain and improved memory function.

We are a Medicare certified provider so there is often little to no out of pocket cost to the patient.  We work around your schedule and because we are mobile, we will come to you.

Most of our senior patients look forward to seeing their therapist at each visit and their loved ones are thrilled to see how quickly they improve. 
Mobility therapy is a priceless way to help your loved ones maintain their mobility and independence for years to come.

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